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Foundation - 70 hrs

Who can Benefit ? Geologists, Survey & Map Companies, Highway & Electricity Departments

Software Used---Any One - Arc GIS/Autocad 2012/Autocad MAP/Civil 3D




Define user workflow transaction and thinktenia, Testing Tasks, Measurement of maps and tries web user performance experience, Resource, Managing testing efforts, Performance testing objective, Performance testing benefits, Performance testing methodology, Selecting webload test, Analyse Result, Comman pitfalls, ESRI flex, JAVA, Scriptand REST resources, Reference, Performance testing Arch map and Arc engine Application, Capturing transaction in Arc map using events, Exploratory tests, Using synthetic data for exploratory tests, Generating synthetic data, Using visual studio for web testing, Creating transaction scripts manuals approach, Creating load test-visual studio.

AutoCAD 2012


Aubout Autocad, Explaining Graphical User Interface of CAD, Drawing simple sketches (Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon, etc.), Drawing Settings, Modifying entities, Object selection methods, Settings and modifying entity properties, Creating and Managing layers, Adding Annotations and Dimenssions to your Drawings, Creating text styles  and Dimenssion styles, Creating construction line and semi-infinite lines, Reating blocks and attributesWorking with Tables, Creatimng and viewing slides, Slides library, Running scripts, Creating compound documents with OLE & External references, Electronic Transmit, AutoCAD Design Center, Ploting your drawings, Layout Management Concept of 3D, Create 3D Projects, Exporting AutoCAD objects.




Geographic Coordinate System, Direct Data Access, Data Exchange, Data Cleanup, DWG Quer, Lightweight COGO Tools, CAD Editing on Geospatial Data, Classificatio, Map Creation and Stylizatio, GIS Analysis, GRID (Raster) Surfaces, Database Integratio, Data Management Tools, Spatial Data File (SDF), Metadat, Publishing Tool, Extensibility via Open Source, Robust APIs, Industry Toolkits, Surveying Tools






Comprehensive surveying, design, analysis and documentation solution, How to create alignment from Polyline, How to create surface, contour, level & profile, How to create assembly & corridor, Storm water design and analysis, How to create L section & cross Section of RoadHow to create Single Line & Multiple Line Section, How to create Raster image to Vector image, To create cutting land and filling landStorm water design and analysis, Geospatial Analysis & Mapping, Land desktop project support, Surveying and coordinate systems, Design, Documentation, Data Management and Team Coordination.