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Foundation - 70 hrs

Who can Benefit ? Fashion Designers, Pattern Makers, Merchandisers, Diploma and Degree Students

Software Used---Any one - Reach CAD/Wilcom/AutoCAD 2012 

Reach CAD


Introduction to Textiles, Introduction to Pattern making, 8 head theory,  Measurement TerminologyTools for Pattern making, Types of Garments, Components of garments, Introduction to Apparel CAD, About Reach CAD, Reach Pattern Designing System, Extracting the final patterns, Marker planning, Reach marker, Digitizing, Plotter.





Introduction to embroidery, Basic Procedures, How to view Designs, How to select design objectsObject based embroidery, How to use digitizing design, How to use digitizing with artwork, How to modify designs, To use Advance Digitizing Techniques, To create Embroidery lettering, How to use design processing & encoding, Design Management, How to start ES Design, To view stitch sequence, Trouble Shooting

AutoCAD 2012 


Aubout Autocad, Explaining Graphical User Interface of CAD, Drawing simple sketches (Line, Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Polygon, etc.), Drawing Settings, Modifying entities, Object selection methods, Settings and modifying entity properties, Creating and Managing layers, Adding Annotations and Dimenssions to your Drawings, Creating text styles  and Dimenssion styles, Creating construction line and semi-infinite lines, Reating blocks and attributesWorking with Tables, Creatimng and viewing slides, Slides library, Running scripts, Creating compound documents with OLE & External references, Electronic Transmit, AutoCAD Design Center, Ploting your drawings, Layout Management Concept of 3D, Create 3D Projects, Exporting AutoCAD objects.