Embedded and Robotics

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8051 Syllabus

Embedded and Robotics

8051 Syllabus - 60 Days

Who can Benefit ? Electrical Engineers, Schematic Designers, Automation Designers, Instrumentation Designers & 10th, 12th Students


Introduction to Robotics


o Types of robots

o Legged robots

o Mobile robots

o Autonomous robots

o Manual robots

o Robotic arm

o Procedure of building robots


Locomotion in robots


o Wheeled

o Legged

o Flying

o Floating


Constituents of autonomous robots


o Sensors

o Microcontrollers

o Actuators


Brief study of different types of sensors


o Introduction to sensors

o IR sensors module

o Ultrasonic sensors

o Photoelectric sensors


Brief study of Microcontrollers


Introduction to 8-bit microcontroller 8051


Intel 8051 Architecture


O Inbuilt features of 8051

o Block diagram explanation, pin descriptions, bit addressable and byte

     addressable registers

o About some imp SFRs like PSWA and stack operations

o Addressing modes and assembler directives

o Different addressing modes with examples and assignments and lab

     demonstrations with examples of addressing modes Instruction sets

o Explanations about 4 different instruction sets and with assignments


Timer programming concepts in mode 1 and mode 2 with assignments


Serial communication concepts with programming

Interrupt programming and embedded c concepts how to use KEIL with C concepts




Interfacing parts


o LCD interfacing with assembly and c concepts

o ADC interfacing with controllers


Motor interfacing


o DC motor interfacing using UL2803 with controllers

o Stepper motor interfacing using UL2003 with controllers

o Servo motor interfacing with controllers


Project on Robotics


o Design and Development of Team of Robots with Controlled Coordination

o Obstacle Detector & Avoider Robot

o PC Controlled Wireless Mobile Pick and Place Robot

o Black Line Following Robotic Car

o Ball Tracking Robot

o Other Innovative Robotics Projects



Final project

  • Final embedded based Project